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I have been fortunate to have led talent, learning, and human resources (HR) business partner organizations within Fortune 30, 100, 500 organizations for nearly 20 years. The field of HR has drastically changed over the past three decades. Moving from personnel to human resources, from transactional services to business partnership. The modernization of HR in the 2020’s is changing once again – beyond business partnership to business leadership. More and more, firms are finding that its traditional HR partners can do more than support the business in daily operations and future strategies. HR can lead business operations and strategy.

The most value-added HR assignments that I have had in my career have been on the front end of leading the business. I have been so lucky to have been an integral member of business leadership teams to drive transformation, innovation, customer retention, employee engagement, profitability, and revenue growth.  Having had direct, hands on experience building talent plans for all levels including hourly roles crucial to operational success to C-Suite positions vital to strategic success has fueled my passion for helping people in different stages of their careers to grow. My goal is to extract from my business experiences to share insightful, pertinent information for my friends and social media followers to use in their professional and personal lives. Thank you for visiting!