What People Are Saying

I have been blessed to have worked with some amazing people! I want to thank the hundreds of my present and former colleagues who have endorsed me on LinkedIn. I have nearly 20 years of testimonials from a wide spectrum of colleagues and professionals: senior business leaders, human resources partners, direct managers, peers, staff and others. I’ve placed a sampling of recommendations on this site. Here are excerpts of what people are saying:

“Monica is a skilled strategist. She shares a clear vision and puts the foundation together to achieve it.” -Boeing

“Monica role models tremendous leadership qualities…she is indeed a top caliber performer and leader.” -Boeing

“Monica is a true expert in the area of leadership development.” -Walgreens

“Monica is a great business partner, her leadership skills have been crucial to our many successes.” -Walgreens

“She is an outstanding human resources partner for senior leaders.” -Ingersoll Rand

“I am proud to recommend her to any company … to catapult their training & development strategy.” –Ingersoll Rand

“She is engaging, and a true thought leader.” and “Monica truly knows what it takes to be a leader.”   -Ingersoll Rand

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