Coach Your Career Coach And Finish Strong

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People often tell me that they don’t know where to start when working with a career coach. Whether your development plan is focused on advancement in your current position, changing positions to provide advancement in an existing career, changing careers completely, or preparing for retirement, the more you know about yourself, the better prepared you will be to work with your manager, HR representative, or executive or career coach to achieve your career-developmental goals. Consider using this tool before your next meeting with your coach, and watch him or her be dazzled. You will also see an improvement in the results of the discussion as you will be able to direct the conversation.

While coaching your career coach, one of your responsibilities is to sift through your life to better understand whom you are today; what you want to do tomorrow; and what you have to know, learn, or do to achieve your career objectives. Let’s see how prepared you are to do this. Take this career development assessment and find out where you should start so that you can finish strong!

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Monica Sauls is a founder of CCLT and a corporate human resources leader with expertise in talent management, career development, change management, training, and organization development. In her additional time she writes, delivers speaking engagements, and coaches professionals—from entry-level employees to executives—to thrive from one stage of their careers to another. For more information about Monica, please visit