My Professional Pride

Workforce Strategist: Tapping into my human resources leadership experiences, I support businesses to improve performance while enhancing employee engagement and productivity. I have a holistic dedication to the field of human resources, learning, talent management, strategic workforce planning, and corporate culture.

Executive and Leadership Coach: I have extensive experience implementing personality, behavioral and multi-source assessments and leverage those tools to offer advanced coaching to employees at all levels across a myriad of industries and to help leaders gain insights and boost their overall leadership effective.

Career Advisor: As a human resources leader, the best part of my job is growing top talent for organizations, including advising leaders to rebound after challenging work situations, helping people discover who they want to be in the world of work, and leading professionals through complex work transitions.

Author and Speaker: I frequently write and speak on human resources and talent development topics for a variety of publications and events. I am the co-author of the forthcoming book YOU@WORK (with Marcey Uday-Riley), and I am the author of more than a hundred corporate training and development programs, certified facilitator in multiple training-delivery and public speaking techniques and a frequent presenter at industry conferences and professional associations.

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