The Professional Pivot

Overview of the Four-Part series: The Professional Pivot. 

Have you ever read an article about how to build a social media following and then checked out the author’s online presence only to discover he or she has a meager thirty followers on Twitter and a handful on Facebook? If you’re like me, that’s when you stop reading.

The good news is, this isn’t one of those articles.

In fact, I’ve been supporting others in their career development journeys for over fifteen years, helping people transform their professional presence with impressive results. Recently, I’ve gone through a shift of my own, using the same strategies I’ve found so powerful with my clients to transform my own professional presence.

This article is an introduction to a four-part series. I know how hard it can be to leap from one stage of your career to the next—I’d like to share with you four simple branding strategies that can help you get from here to there, using my own personal examples to illustrate how each strategy works. If you are looking to transform your professional brand, try these four strategies:

  1. Find & Listen To Your Career Voice
  2. Build a Personalized and Professional Website
  3. Optimize Your Brand on Social Media
  4. Create Competitive Career Documents

At the end of the day, there are many tools available for facilitating the transformation of your professional brand. But it all starts with defining your career voice and honing in on what it really means to you with detailed descriptors and images. I encourage you to take advantage of every possible opportunity to shape your brand on social media and in your career documents as a way to give you a competitive advantage. For more career development tips and tools, please go to and sign up to join our community.

About Monica…

Monica Sauls is a founder of CCLT and a corporate human resources leader with expertise in talent management, career development, change management, training, and organization development. In her additional time she writes, delivers speaking engagements, and coaches professionals—from entry-level employees to executives—to thrive from one stage of their careers to another. For more information about Monica, please visit