Monica as a Capability Builder

Capability Builder: Develop diverse talent to meet the organization’s future needs – Help individuals grow in their careers

Monica is an expert at identifying an individual’s talent and developmental needs at any leadership level; creating and delivering developmental programs tailored to that particular leader’s exact needs. She is highly professional in her approach and deeply experienced in her field.

Marcel Naddaf, Market Pharmacy Director, Walgreens

I worked with Monica while at Ingersoll Rand where we were a part of a high-performance team focused on talent development and training. I found Monica to be extremely competent with an unbridled passion for developing people. She designed training-related programs that utilized the latest technology, were well thought out, and were very effective in bridging learning gaps identified in our succession plans. I strongly endorse Monica as one of the best training and development managers I have worked with.

Gary Stafford, Director Talent Management, Ingersoll Rand

Monica is a true professional with proven experience in the design and delivery of leadership training programs, tailored to the specific needs of a company. Monica is always open to learning, very flexible and enthusiastic in everything she does. Monica is able to identify the training and development needs of an organization in any stage of maturity. I recommend Monica as a very high level professional and very well respected ex colleague.

Gerda Clocheret, HR Director – Europe, Ingersoll Rand

Monica is a true professional. She hired me to work with her to deliver a management-training program throughout the United States and in China. It was a delight to work with her because of her integrity and passion for doing things the right way. Monica is a great business partner with the business units she supports and has a great understanding of how leadership development really works.

Mark Hinderliter, Vice President, HR Team Industrial Services

Monica and I traveled to several European countries together delivering training for Ingersoll Rand (she was the client and I was the facilitator). She is an organized and detailed person. She is insightful and can read situations (business and training) with extraordinary accuracy. Monica is key talent and is extremely reliable. When she makes a commitment you can be sure she will follow through. I would have Monica as part of my team in the future.

Kevin King, Founder Transformation Point

I have the pleasure of saying Monica and I have been team members since 2009. Monica was able to assist me in identifying the last piece to my development puzzle. Once identified, she was able to articulate this into a leadership development plan. With her expertise, I was able to develop short and long-term growth objectives. This was a targeted development plan and not a cookie cutter style program. I can truly say Monica assisted in my development and I am grateful that she took the time to push me to the next level.

William Shaub, District Manager, Walgreens